Water ATM

Ping Pong Global Ltd

When we nish the last drop of water at home, all we need to do is Switch on the purier and rell it- a matter of mere minutes!

But not every one in india is so fortunate, and the next drop of water is far And unsafe to drink Many companies and governing bodies are coming forward to address the urgent Need. But they are faces with a dearth of trusted partners, who can give them the Right solution with a hassle-free turnkey project delivery and a way forward for Handling the units operations.

Introduces atw kiosk-where pure water owa out every time someone Comes for a refreshing rell of water.

Our aesthetic solution optimizes available Space and maximizes water dispensing.

Atm kiosk also oers an interesting opportunity for developing community enterpreneurship, making It selfsustainable and improving the life of the community in which it is places!